E.A.S.D.A.S. 2017 OPEN SHOW 7th May

Well that’s another successful show over. 190 entries slightly down on last year. Many thanks to the judges for their expertise, club & family members for giving up their time and all exhibitors. here are photos of just some of the winning entries. For more go to our photos page.



Best In Show Paraneetroplus argenteus  owned by Tansie Harrison.

Championship class C winner Abramites hyselonotus owned by Alan Finnegan.

Championship class W winner Misgurnus anguillicaudatus owned by Alan Finnegan.

Diamond class M winner Sawbwa resplendens owned by Roy Chapman.

Pairs Egglayers Pristella maxilaris owned by Alan Stevens.

Pairs Livebearers Xiphophorus evelynae ‘Rio Necaxa’ owned by Terry Hewitt.

Breeders Egglayers Julidichromis marlieri owned by Glen Joyce.

Breeders Livebearers Phallichthys fairweatheri owned by Terry Hewitt.


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