Below are the winning entries of the major competitions at this years festival of fishkeeping. For more photos go to our photos page.


2018 FBAS British Open Champion Alan Finnegan & his winning entry Amphilosus citrinellus

2018 FBAS Diamond Final Winner Alan Finnegan & his winning entry Heterandria anzuetoi

Best in 2018 Festival Open & Betta Shows Maria Ornberg and Her winning entry a Red Plakat Betta splendens

2018 FBAS Supreme Pairs Champion S & S Brown and their winning entry Erethistes pusillus

2018 FBAS Supreme Breeders Champion Alan Finnegan & his winning entry Ambastaia sidthimunki

2018 FBAS Supreme Champion Alan Finnegan & his winning entry Aulonocara jacobfreibergi

FBAS Show League winner Roy Chapman



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