Best In Festival Open Show Alan Finnegan & His Entry Amphilophus citrinellus 

Winner of the Bob Esson Memorial Trophy Gary Snell

Highest pointed Junior & Championship  Class V Winner Neve Stevens With her winning entry, also pictured Championship Class Cb winner Nannostomus marginatus  owned by Roy Chapman & Championship Class M winner Stiphodon Ornatus owned by Alan Finnegan

British Open & Supreme Champion  Alan Finnegan & his winning Entry Aulonocara maylandi

Supreme Pairs Champion Alan Finnegan & his winning Entry Ambastaia sidthimunki

Supreme Breeders Champion Tim Edwards & his winning entry Xiphophorus Milleri  

Diamond Champion Alan Finnegan & his winning Entry Otopharyx Lithobates

Best In Betta Show Dawn Pearce

Best Furnished Aquarium Ron Allum

Highest Pointed Society Southend AS

Highest Pointed Exhibitor & National Show League Winner Roy Chapman




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